On Inator Village there is a amusement park going in called Minigame Studio where there are many different types of Minigames one of the future games that will be in is Survival Games. the minigames in the roofed studios get a new map every month. times Minigame Studio is open Weekends, Long Weekends, Holidays ( Except for thanksgiving)

Inator Village Team


2015-08-27 13.51.02

Trapped is a game of two teams and the objective is to try to trap other players and each side has a chest and within the chest is gear to use against the other team and if you trick someone in to going in to the minion chamber they will become a part of your team.

2015-08-27 13.52.59

this is the map at the moment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

in honor of all the fire fighters fighting the many fires in Canada and the USA.

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